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      What is water jet cutting?

            Water jet cutting is best described as a controlled, accelerated erosion process.
           For this reason, a waterjet stream can cut through virtually any known material,
           making waterjet one of the most versatile machines available.

      Advantages of water jet cutting:

            As one of the fastest growing machine tool industries, waterjet cutting has proven
           to save time and money on countless applications. 

Water Jet Cutter

So many choose water jet because of these advantages:

• High Accuracy Net-shape parts.
• Omni-Directional Cutting Ability to cut in any direction. Capable of complex 2D cut geometries.
• Varied Cut Surface Quality Ability to change cut edge quality as required for different features within a part.
• No Heat-Affected Zone There are no heat affected zones or hardening of the material.
• No Stress Impact Does not workload material.
• Slag Free Cut Surface Does not create slag on the cut surface which eliminates costly finishes processes

Tight tolerances ( +/- .005 ) • Holes ready for tapping ( 1/8” and up ) • Thickness up to 8” both Aluminum and Stainless Steel

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